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Bob puts his heart into every Windsor furniture creation he designs.

We will only ship inside of the United States.

A little about Bob Abel

I have been working with lumber from the woods, to the sawmill to  finished product since childhood. 

When I was ten years old, I helped my dad drag logs from the woods with a team of horses.

I  have built houses, barns, cabinets, tables, furniture pieces, and lots of small crafts.

I have been a welder, steel worker for over 30 years, but always return to the wood shop for the craft that satisfies me most.

In resent years I have acquired a few books on Windsor chair crafting.  I was intrigued by the challenge of building these beautiful chairs.  Since then I have worked all my spare time on perfecting the true craft of Windsor chairs.

The nostalgia of using hand tools with my dad as a boy, and the gratification of creating these beautiful Windsor chairs has hooked me for life.



Abel's Ohio Windsor Chairs
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Abel's Ohio Windsor Chairs 18th century creations copyright 2001.